Atlanta Pride Comes to Six Flags

Hang out with Atlanta Pride at Out in the Park at Six Flags Over Georgia on Saturday, June 1. Guests will enjoy a day of fun and thrills, as well as an exclusive all-you-can-eat catered buffet, a drag show, and...
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Pride Day headed to Six Flags over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia will be a lot gayer than it normally is next weekend with an unofficial event held to draw local and regional LGBT visitors.

Pride Day at Six Flags is scheduled for Aug. 13 at the Atlanta theme park, according to Angel Garron, CFO of Unity Entertainment and organizer of the event. This isn’t an exclusive day at Six Flags, meaning that the park will be open to everyone on that particular date, but Garron hopes for several thousand LGBT patrons to come out in support.

This is the second annual Pride at Six Flags day. Last year’s event was staged over Labor Day Weekend and the attendance was low, due to the holiday weekend and conflict with Black Gay Pride. Organizers also only had about three months to do the planning, but for the 2011 model they’ve had a full year. Hence, the date has been changed and Garron has been pleased with the reaction to this year’s gathering, as well as online visitors to the site and tickets already sold.