Activists in Action: Youth activist Quita Tinsley

Quita Tinsley, 25, is pursuing her master’s degree in Women’s Gender and Sexuality at Georgia State University while also working (for the past year) as the youth activist network organizer at SPARK Reproductiv...
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These queer youth of color are on FYRE — and seek aid to have their voices heard

Atlanta-based SPARK is a reproductive justice organization with queer leadership. In keeping with its mission, the organization also sponsors an annual program for LGBTQ youth of color and allies ages 18-24 named FYRE — Fierce Youth Reclaiming and Empowering.

The annual program, held earlier this month, exposed youth from throughout the Southeast to the art of radio, to give them a voice to tell their own stories. But FYRE still needs funding to ensure this program continues and is hoping to raise some $3,200 in one week.