A schism of the soul: Being LGBT and Mormon

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is okay with Mormons being LGBT — so long as they don’t act on their attractions. “There’s a kind of schism within our souls when we’re being told we have to c...
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Topher Payne: Have a little faith in faith

Playwright and writer Topher PayneMy Aunt Trish was passing through Atlanta, and stayed in our guest room for the night. I had to work late, so by the time I got home, she and my husband Preppy were already pretty deep into their second bottle of wine. The conversation had turned to big ideas, as the second bottle of wine tends to dictate.

Trish was reminiscing about her mother, my Grandmama, a fiercely loyal, funny, incredibly opinionated, strident woman. She was the sort of person who always let you know exactly where you stood with her, and if you stood in the wrong place, it would send a cold chill down your spine. I long ago made my peace with how much I take after her.

Grandmama died before I came out, and I’ve always felt that was for the best. She was a Depression-raised churchgoing conservative. My wanting to kiss other boys would have probably stuck in her craw, even if I did marry a nice fella from Mississippi.