5 LGBT things you need to know today, Feb. 6

1. Prairieland, America's newest detention center for immigration detainees, opened last week in Texas. It has a separate, remote pod specifically for transgender detainees, which some LGBT advocates say may do...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, Jan. 4

1. Hundreds of foreign LGBT individuals seek asylum in America, persecuted and exiled from their home countries because of their sexuality. Donald Trump's campaign, built on anti-refugee, anti-immigrant rhetori...
Simon Williamson, columnist with Georgia Voice

Simon Williamson: Ticking every macho box

I typically love it when sports stars come out, because it shatters the myth that gay men are anything stereotypical and that, in fact, we are a many varied beast. Along with being talented in many arenas hi...
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[Photos] Big Peach Softball Tournament

Big Peach Softball Tournament

The Big Peach Softball Tournament, held over Memorial Day Weekend at Atlanta's West Metro Atlanta Softball Complex, featured three days of gay competitive action in three divisions.

Big Peach Softball Tournament

The annual event is hosted by Hotlanta Softball. Atlanta Genesis came away with first overall in the "B" division, Atlanta Menace claimed "C" divison and the LA Thunder Bolts rounded out the winners by claiming victory in division "D."

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Openly gay Robbie Rogers on pro soccer return: ‘It’s good to be back’

Robbie Rogers 

Robbie Keane may have provided the Los Angeles Galaxy with the goals it needed to come away the victor from Sunday's game against the Seattle Sounders, but it was Robbie Rogers who stole the show.

Rogers stepped onto the pitch in the 77th minute to a roaring crowd Sunday night. For the first time in American men's professional sports, an openly gay man was a part of the competition.

In April, Rogers came out as a gay man and announced his retirement from professional soccer. The former U.S. Men's National Team player was then invited to a training session with the Los Angeles Galaxy and earlier this month, a trade was finalized between his old club, Columbus Crew, and the Galaxy.

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LGBT sports leagues challenge perceptions

Atlanta LGBT sports leagues

It’s hard to deny LGBT acceptance in sports is growing right alongside acceptance in society at large.

Professional basketball player Jason Collins recently came out as a gay man. Former professional soccer player Robbie Rogers came out in April. Straight allies in sports, like NFL players Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo, are paving the way for other gay athletes to come out, as well.

When basketball player Britney Griner came out earlier this month following her selection as number one overall in the WNBA draft, it was welcome, albeit not earth-shattering, news.

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Fall Preview: As LGBT leagues get underway, Atlanta’s pro teams press for playoffs

Atlanta Dream

The end of summer marks the start of the annual fall sports leagues. From softball to flag football, gay and lesbian sporting leagues offer a plethora of options for those seeking competitive fun this fall.

On the national stage, three of Atlanta’s professional teams look to shake the city’s reputation of being a “miserable sports town,” as stated by Forbes. The Braves, Falcons and Dream are all poised for post-season action in 2012.

The gay National Flag Football League of Atlanta will kick off its fall season with a day of pre-season games Sept. 16 followed by a shorter-than-normal five-week season schedule.

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Atlanta Bucks ‘Purple Dress Run’ to plow through Midtown

Purple Dress Run

If you happen to be in Midtown April 21, don’t be alarmed if you run into well over 100 buzzed big guys traipsing around in purple dresses.

The sixth annual Purple Dress Run, a fundraiser for the Atlanta Bucks gay rugby team, takes over the city that day, and the 55-man team hopes to raise $5,000 with a little help from their friends.

“The term ‘run’ is used loosely as it’s more of a 5K bar run/walk/crawl/waddle/saunter, depending primarily upon which point along the route you survey the participants,” jokes Bucks President Max Alvarado. “Aside from the occasional wardrobe malfunction along the way, we haven’t lost a runner yet.”