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Speaking Out: Readers react to gay men attacked in St. Lucia

Despite attack on gay men, St. Lucia not homophobic

Re: “Gay Atlanta men attacked in St. Lucia hate crime” (March 6 and March 18)

As a St Lucian I know that anti-gay bias is not the sentiment of the whole island. Most people on the island are grew up in the Catholic Church and we all know about anti-gay preaching all over the world. It is not the teachings of “Black preachers” as someone mentioned... I grew up in a church lead by white American/Canadian priests. The attack was based on the ignorance of a few men. I am very sorry about what happened to the men because no one should have to go through an attack like that while on vacation. That is not the St Lucia I remember, it truly is paradise. Just want everyone reading this to know that the men who attacked the tourists were ignorant and do not represent the entire population.

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Gay men robbed in St. Lucia want attackers prosecuted

Three gay men, including one from Atlanta, who were robbed and beaten earlier this month in St. Lucia want police to arrest and prosecute their assailants. Others associated with the east Caribbean island, however, are concerned news of the attack will harm the island’s reputation and the tourism dollars it needs to survive.

The St. Lucia government issued an apology to Michael Baker of Atlanta, his boyfriend Nick Smith of South Carolina, and Todd Wiggins, who was living in St. Lucia with his partner at the time of the attack. Wiggins, formerly of Atlanta, and his partner, Tom Richman, are currently staying with relatives in South Georgia.

“St. Lucia does not condone such acts of violence [that] appeared to be perpetrated by individuals whose views do not reflect sentiments of the majority of law-abiding citizens,” the St. Lucia government said in a statement, according to a March 14 article in the Jamaica Observer.

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Gay men attacked in St. Lucia issue statement

The three gay men attacked in St. Lucia on March 2, including one from Atlanta, issued a statement today in response to recent reports by the Associated Press and the Jamaica Observer about the attack. The recent reports contain errors that they want to correct, according to Michael Baker of Atlanta, his boyfriend, Nick Smith of South Carolina, and Todd Wiggins, formerly of Atlanta, who are still recovering from the severe beatings suffered when they were robbed in St. Lucia on March 2.

Here is the statement in full:

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Gay Atlanta men attacked in St. Lucia hate crime

st lucia house where atlanta men robbed

Michael Baker will never forget the last night of his recent vacation in St. Lucia. He recalls the sunset as the best yet of his trip, but what happened next may haunt him for the rest of his life.