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Independent task force releases YouthPride findings ahead of tonight’s community forum

The independent task force investigating the ongoing viability of YouthPride released its findings today ahead of a planned community forum set for 7 p.m. tonight at Saint Mark United Methodist Church.

The report was originally intended to be completed last month, but was “delayed due to a failure of YouthPride leadership to adhere to their previously agreed cooperation with the Task Force,” according to task force member Charlie Stadtlander.

Among the report's findings are that the organization is violating its own bylaws by not having a fully staffed board of directors, YouthPride has no evidence its filed 941 payroll tax filings for Sept. 2011 or Dec. 2011, personal medical records of clients are unaccounted – possibly violating HIPPA regulations –  and the organization's last annual budget was ended in September 2011.

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Sapphire and ‘The Kid’ visit Atlanta

Sapphire reads from

Sapphire, author of "Push," read from her new novel, "The Kid," at St. Mark United Methodist Church on July 26, 2011. The novel, written 15 years after "Push," which was made into the Academy-award winning film "Precious," picks up on the day of Precious Jones' funeral.

Sapphire explained that "The Kid" is not a sequel to "Precious" in the traditional sense by continuing to follow the life of Precious Jones, but it is a sequel in that it continues to explore the "socioeconomic and cultural addictions that created the life and of, course the death, of Precious Jones."

This journey is told through the eyes of Precious Jones' son, Abdul, and "The Kid" opens on the day of his mother's funeral.