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[Video] ‘My Life’ speaks to masculine identified lesbians about women’s health


Real Bois Talk, a program of the Health Initiative, released a public service announcement today urging masculine identified African-American gay women to make sure to get check ups, including Pap smears and mammograms.

"The PSA addresses the need for masculine-identified gay females to get chest and cervical exams. We don’t see ourselves in traditional messaging for things such as breast cancer awareness, so we often don’t see those things as our issues," said Real Bois Talk program manager Amber Moore in a prepared statement.

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[Video] Spoken word event raises awareness about black lesbian ‘stud health’

The Atlanta Lesbian Health Initiative is partnering with several groups to make African-American female health more accessible to women who identify as butch or studs and are not as likely to respond, for example, to pink ribbons to raise awareness about breast cancer.

To promote the Stud Health Project, a spoken word event is slated for this Saturday, March 26, at the Rush Center, from 6:30-9 p.m. The event and health project is a collaboration of the ALHI and the Center for Black Women’s Wellness, the Vision Church, the LGBT Sigma Omega Phi Fraternity that caters to masculine identified females, and Agenda Benda Justice.