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Fulton County takes legal action against YouthPride for grant reimbursement

In August, the GA Voice learned that Fulton County is demanding YouthPride repay more than $18,000 of a 2011-2012 $40,000 FRESH grant for not providing mental health/counseling services as promised. The county is currently taking legal action against YouthPride to get the money back.

Cynthia McRae, District 6 administrator of the Fulton County Housing & Human Services Department oversees FRESH grants. The YouthPride grant began on July 1, 2011, and ended June 30, 2012. When YouthPride filed its final quarterly report on July 9, 2012, it showed the agency spent $21,296.92 of the $40,000 grant and served 42 of the required 62 Fulton District 6 residents required to be served, McRae said.