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Apparently everything is sunny in Toronto

Must. Read. This.

The story popped on my Twitter feed this morning and it's absolutely consumed me since. Paul Aguirre-Livingston writes of the "Dawn of a new gay," for The Grid, a weekly "city magazine" in Toronto, giving presumably straight readers an insider's view from the cutting edge of gay life: "post-mos."

He writes:

"Post-mos don’t hang rainbow flags in their windows or plaster them on their bumpers. We don’t march in Pride and we probably never will. (After-parties only, please.) We don’t torture ourselves to fit in with other gays. In fact, most of us have come to resent the stereotypes and the ideals associated with preceding gay generations. It’s not that we hate gay culture; we just don’t have that much in common with it anymore. To be a twentysomething gay man in Toronto in 2011 is to be free from persecution and social pressures to conform. It’s also, in most ways, not about being gay at all."