5 LGBT things you need to know today, July 12

1. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday night gave a closed door speech at a conference for the anti-LGBT hate group Alliance Defending Freedom. 2. Marriage benefits are new and unfamiliar to many in th...

Shannon Hames: Because Oprah said so

Back in my closeted days, I was a stay-at-home mom steeped in a fundamental evangelical culture. I was training to become a Biblical counselor to find out what a Biblical counselor would tell me to do to cure m...

Melissa Carter: Looking for A-list lesbian love

My sister is a fan of romantic comedies. They make up her entire DVD collection and she often watches them as a way to relax. I must confess when I watch those same movies I see something completely different o...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, August 6

1. “If the 6th Circuit decides against gay marriage, that would create a divide among federal appeals courts and put pressure on the U.S. Supreme Court to settle the issue for good in its 2015 session.” The AP ...
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Take off with Leisha Hailey and Uh Huh Her

Uh Huh Her

As the super-loveable character “Alice” on “The ‘L’ Word” and now as a musician in the lesbian power-duo Uh Huh Her, Leisha Hailey has endeared herself in the hearts and minds of the LGBT community.

Now on the new “Keep-A-Breast” breast cancer awareness tour with Uh Huh Her, Leisha and band mate Camila Grey bring their electro-indie music to Vinyl in Atlanta on Oct. 21 in an all-ages show.

The GA Voice was originally scheduled to chat with Leisha Hailey on Sept. 26. The call was postponed, however, when Hailey and Grey, who are also a couple, were evicted from a Southwest Airlines flight Sept. 25 for kissing. Hailey complained about the incident on Twitter, which sparked national headlines and drew statements from both the couple and the airline, which sponsors several gay rights organizations.