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Baton Bob, Atlanta’s favorite street icon, aims to rival Lady Gaga with ‘The Myrtle Hat Tour’

Baton Bob

Bob Jamerson is ready to take Baton Bob national.

“I want to become a household name like Lady Gaga. They won’t even know who that heifer is by the time I’m through. And I don’t even sing,” Jamerson said, howling with laughter.

What Jamerson does do — as his character Baton Bob — is march to the beat of his own drummer through the streets of Atlanta, blowing a whistle and twirling his baton with the grace of a college majorette.

Jamerson is set to tell the story of Baton Bob through “The Myrtle Hat Tour,” a one-man performance that combines the stories of his mother’s many church hats into the story of how Baton Bob came to be. The tour is named for his mother, Myrtle Redd Jamerson.