Ryan Lee: The flattering theft of black gay culture

Bert and Ernie have some new company in the Queer Muppet Suite following the re- cent outing of Kermit the Frog. Miss Piggy must be in full-bore rampage mode—but that’s none of my business.*Sip*Sesame S...
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Thousands pack Piedmont Park for Black Gay Pride’s first Pure Heat Community Festival


The sweltering Atlanta heat on Sunday made the name of the first Pure Heat Community Festival quite fitting, but did not dissuade thousands of Black Gay Pride attendees from enjoying a day of live entertainment and celebrating in Piedmont Park.

Organized by Traxx Girls and the non-profit Vision Community Foundation, the first such fest was deemed a success by nearly all in attendance, especially by the community partner organization. The Vision Community Foundation, affiliated with the Vision Church of Atlanta but is a separate entity, does outreach to homeless people, organizes HIV testing, and provides youth mentorship among other community projects.