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Melissa Carter: Spoiler alert

Melissa Carter

I love the Olympics. As long as I can remember, the Olympics have been a must-watch event for me and my family, and gave momentary inspiration that I too could be an Olympic athlete.

The London Games, however, offer a different challenge than in years passed. I still think I could find a random sport in which to achieve Olympic stardom, but as a spectator I have to decide if I want to find out results ahead of time, or wait until the American television coverage. I find I am choosing the latter.

The London Olympics are considered the first real-time Games, according to NBC is hosting 3,500 hours of live coverage on nine TV channels, plus online streaming, compared to the 2,200 live hours provided from Beijing in 2008, and the 400 hours shown from Vancouver two years ago.

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Melissa Carter: We can help bridge the gap between past neglect and future stability

Melissa CarterI think we’ve made great progress with Trevor. Our first foster dog, this GoldenDoodle was found on the streets of Alabama and sent to Adopt A Golden Atlanta.

A few years ago, we adopted our dog GiGi from Adopt-A-Golden. They asked that we foster Trevor and try to get him more comfortable and emotionally healthy so he could one day soon be moved into a loving and permanent home.

When Trevor came to us he kept his distance, literally. We let him out in our fenced back yard and that is where he stayed, choosing instead to sleep outside the first night. He wouldn’t let us pet him and showed his teeth to our other animals when they came too close.

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Meme of the week: Dear 40-year old me

Meme of the week

It's becoming harder and harder to ignore memes on the internet these days. From Facebook to Tumblr, Twitter and beyond, memes have all but taken over the internet.

This week's meme of the week, our first-ever, comes courtesy of the Illinois Safe Schools Coalition, though Inappropriate timing Bill Clinton came in a very, very close second. Something tells us we'll be seeing a few parodies of this inspirational video in the coming days:

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Melissa Carter: Symbols to help you navigate the holiday season

Melissa CarterStress. Thanksgiving weekend has a way of piling on the stress for a lot of us every year. Regardless of whether the stressor is connected to the size of the turkey, layovers in Omaha, dealing with car rental companies or the joy of hours spent in a room with certain family members, the idea of thankfulness can get lost in the chaos.

This year, I suggest you create a symbol, something which represents the idea of appreciation. It will help get you through the weekend and weeks ahead with joy and remind you to be thankful regardless of what you may be dealing with this holiday season.

I recently gave a speech to hundreds of patients who had either received an organ transplant or were waiting for one. As a kidney transplant recipient, I talked about my challenging days on dialysis and showed the audience items I use today to remember the lessons I learned while sick.

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Activists tweet Obama to call for ADAP expansion

HIV/AIDS advocates are taking to Twitter today to call on President Obama to end the waiting lists for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP).

According to Georgia Equality, the state's largest LGBT rights advocacy organization, Georgia has some 1,700 low-income people on the state's waiting list to receive life-saving medications. The Georgia Department of Public Health says that ADAP must be the last resort for individuals with HIV/AIDS, meaning to qualify for funds, a patient must not have health insurance or receive other state or federal health benefits that could pay for treatment.

Tweeters are asked to submit specially tagged messages to the official Twitter account for the White House, on the hour, every hour today.

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Cher fights homophobia via Twitter

Musical icon and gay rights advocate Cher

65-year-old singer and icon Cher (too fabulous for a last name) erupted in gay-allied fury all over Minn. Rep. and presidential contender Michele Bachmann. Cher tweeted on Sunday night:

Just got spam letter from M. Bachman! My reply ! Woman go bake 2 school take history ! & if I was on my deathbed & your best friend was JESUS!!! I WOULDNT VOTE 4 YOUR GAY HATING, BULLY LOVING , POSER CHRISTIAN ASS ! Got One From The TEA PARTY 2.l ! Head STILL SPINNING !Not HAPPY With Leaders.of DEMS & PRES. EIither wtf!

Despite the heavy-handed misspellings—perhaps righteous fury has that effect?—Cher is echoing the sentiment that many in the gay community can vibe to: A sentiment that wonders how it is 2011 and a presidential hopeful can retain hope in an ever-diversifying nation and still be married to a man whose clinic still practices conversion therapy.

Cher replied to this then-new information exactly a month ago:

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