Dems Win Senate

A look at the numbers in Tuesday’s U.S. Senate races in Georgia indicate that Democrats have won control of the Senate – a development with enormous favorable consequences for the LGBTQ community and the nation...

Cathy Woolard Endorses Teresa Tomlinson for Senate

Cathy Woolard, the former Atlanta City Council President and the first openly gay elected official in Georgia, has endorsed Teresa Tomlinson for U.S. Senate. Tomlinson, who was elected as the first female ma...
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Marietta attorney enters GOP race for Saxby Chambliss’ seat — and supports gay marriage


Attorney Art Gardner of Marietta announced today he is running for the GOP nomination to replace outgoing Sen. Saxby Chambliss — and he is not afraid to say he supports same-sex marriage.

“81 percent of Americans under 30 believe in marriage equality. How can our party expect to win, if we exclude major segments of the population with divisive social policies?” Gardner said, citing a Washington Post/ABC poll, in a press release today announcing his candidacy.