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First trans witness testifies at Senate ENDA hearing

Al FrankenGetting Congress to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is no easy task, obviously, especially when it comes to the gender identity part. I mean, the anti-gay bigots are frothing at the mouth thinking about who will be using what bathroom.

But today the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee held a hearing on ENDA and included a transgender witness to testify about his experiences. This is the same Congress that likes to discuss birth control with no women present, so no doubt this was a major victory for LGBT and ENDA activists.

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LGBT job protections on agenda at Georgia Equality town hall forum

A town hall meeting to discuss the impact of the recent federal appeals court ruling upholding a lower court's ruling that transgender woman Vandy Beth Glenn was discriminated against by the state will be held Jan. 10 at the Phillip Rush Center.

Hosted by Georgia Equality, the state's largest LGBT advocacy organization, the town hall forum will feature Lambda Legal attorneys who worked on the Glenn case. Glenn sued the state after she was fired from her job as a legislative editor when she told her superiors she was transitioning from male to female.

The town hall forum will also be a time to discuss House Bill 630, introduced last year by state Rep. Karla Drenner (D-Avondale Estates). The bill, titled the Georgia Fair Employment Practices Bill, calls for employment non-discrimination for state employees and includes sexual orientation and gender identity. It would cover Georgia’s 174,000 state employees. Currently 21 states bar job discrimination against state employees based on sexual orientation, while 12 also ban job bias against state employees based on gender identity, according to Georgia Equality.

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Our top 5 videos of the year

Ga. Rep. Rashad Taylor: I'm a gay man

2011 was a busy year for LGBT coverage in Atlanta. We were on-hand, and filmed, press conferences, protests, parades, concerts and drag shows. Here are our choices for the top 5 videos of 2011:

LGBT activists rally for immigration reform

Early this year, the Georgia Legislature was putting the final touches on the state's new immigration legislation, modeled after the controversial Arizona law of national fame.