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Person of the Year: Vandy Beth Glenn

Vandy Beth Glenn, GA Voice

After a day back at work under the Gold Dome, Vandy Beth Glenn sits down to talk. She pulls her boots off her feet and tucks her legs under her, maneuvering her body into a comfortable position.

“It’s been hard, really hard,” she said of the past four years in her legal fight to get her job back as a legislative editor at the Georgial General Assembly.

Fired in 2007 by then-Legislative Counsel Sewell Brumby for deciding to transition genders on the job, Glenn won her lawsuit against Brumby and the state this month when a three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s ruling that Brumby, who retired in August, wrongly fired her. Glenn was represented by Lambda Legal.

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Top 10 Ga. LGBT stories of 2011: Hope, heartache and headlines

Georgia LGBT stories of the year

2011 brought several milestones likely to impact LGBT Georgians for years to come. Some are worth celebrating, like Vandy Beth Glenn’s win over transgender discrimination in the Georgia General Assembly, and the first openly gay man to serve in the state legislature.

Others, like the state’s lackluster response to HIV and Shorter College’s anti-gay staff policy, made us shake our heads and wonder how long it will be before LGBT equality comes to the Deep South.

The year also proved pivotal for several well-known local LGBT organizations and businesses — including Outwrite Bookstore, Positive Impact, MEGA Family Project and the Atlanta Lesbian Health Initiative — that announced major changes this year.

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Transgender editor returns to work at Ga. legislature

Vandy Beth Glenn returns to work at Gold Dome

Vandy Beth Glenn returned to work Friday as a legislative editor at the Georgia General Assembly, just days after the a three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court's ruling that the state violated her constitutional rights when she was fired after informing her employer she was transitioning from male to female.

Greg Nevins, the Lambda Legal attorney representing Glenn, confirmed this week that she reported back to work on Friday, Dec. 9. The 11th Circuit handed down its 3-0 ruling in favor of Glenn on Dec. 6. The federal appeals court ruling upheld U.S. District Judge Richard Story's ruling that Glenn was wrongly fired based on sex discrimination. Oral arguments before the 11th Circuit were held on Dec. 1.

Glenn also confirmed she is back at work.