Atlanta Black Gay Pride

2017 Atlanta Black Gay Pride By The Numbers

21 The number of years Black Gay Pride has been celebrated in Atlanta 75,000+ Number of people expected to attend Atlanta Black Gay Pride events this year 3,000+ Number of people expected to attend eve...
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Atlanta’s Black Gay Pride community events aim to inspire, educate


What started as simple house parties and picnics more than two decades ago is now one of the largest Black Gay Pride events in the world.

More than 60,000 people are expected to descend on Atlanta over Labor Day weekend for Black Pride. Party promoters pack the clubs with celebrity guests and the popular Sunday in Piedmont Park, which began as an organic gathering of people each year, is now the place to go for the official Pure Heat Community Festival.

Last year was the first time that party promoters Traxx Girls and the Vision Community Foundation teamed up to host the festival in the park that included food and merchandise vendors, live entertainment and a crowd of thousands to enjoy it all.