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Seeking affirmation in your own community — and providing it to others

In my job, I am fortunate to meet many people. I tend to remember most people I've talked to over the years, but some people definitely stick out.

In March 2010, shortly after GA Voice opened and I started working again, I went to Morehouse College to cover the university's first gay Pride campus celebration.

While there, I met Kevin Webb and Daniel Edwards, co-presidents of the college's Safe Space program.

Openly gay, proud of it, and just smart and kind and articulate in every way, these young men impressed me.

I've also met and talked to Yolo Akili, formerly of Atlanta, who impresses me not only as a poet, but as a young man strives to be the change he wants to see.

So it was a nice gift this morning to see in my email box a Google alert that just happened to include a blog by Akili in which he interviews Edwards.

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Yolo Akili’s poetry transcends sexual identity

Yolo Akili trancends sexual identity

Poet Yolo Akili’s new CD, “Purple Galaxy,” is a spoken-word meditation on transcending sexual identity. In it, he imagines an erotic utopia, free of shame and labels and driven by pure pleasure: