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Gay stories among top YouTube videos of 2011

Iowa teenager Zach Wahls

YouTube today released its list of the most-watched political videos of 2011. This year's top 10 list includes President Obama's announcement that Osama bin Laden had been killed in a compound in Pakistan, a political ad from the defunct campaign of former Atlanta radio personality Herman Cain and a couple of comedians.

Two videos in particular, including the year's most-viewed, dealt directly with the gay rights movement. Topping the list was Zach Wahls, sharing his story of growing up in the heartland with two moms.

GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry's “Strong” ad highlighting how terrible our country has become now that openly gay and lesbian soldiers can serve in the Armed Forces. The video has the honor of being the most disliked video in YouTube history and came in at number three on the list.

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‘Disappointing Gay Best Friend’ YouTube clips never disappoint

Girl, do you. Just say it. You'll feel good.

At least that's what Mikala tells her best gay friend, Tyler, after listening to Lady Gaga's  single, "Born This Way."

We've come to enjoy these "Disappointing Gay Best Friend" YouTube clips. They're stereotypical, silly and quite funny. We also love how Mikala has a new outfit on in each clip while Tyler, the aloof gay guy, consistently wears the same plaid shirt.

We are not disappointed at all. Thanks Mikala and Tyler.

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