The Boulet Brothers: Swanthula and Dracmorda / Photo by Nathan Noyes

Boulet Brothers Bring Horror and Drag to the Stage on April 11

For fans of drag and horror, there is no one more loved than the Boulet Brothers. Dracmorda and Swanthula have made a name for themselves in the drag world for their love of all things creepy and are best known for their show, “Dragula.” Like “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” the show follows drag performers as they compete for a cash prize and the crown of Dragula, the World’s Next Drag Supermonster. Instead of showcasing Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent, “Dragula” contestants embody Drag, Filth, Horror, and Glamour through challenges ranging from special effects makeup and costume creation to live performance. The show is not for the faint of heart, as each contestant in the bottom has to compete in a gruesome “extermination” challenge that tests them physically and psychologically.

The recent spinoff series, “The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Titans,” launched on Shudder in October and brought back some of the most beloved and exciting contestants in the history of “The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula.” Now, the spinoff is hitting the stage for a never-before-seen theatrical display of horrific artistry.

“The Titans tour will be nothing short of a ghoulishly grim and gorgeous spectacular,” the Boulet Brothers told Georgia Voice. “We are aware that fans love what they see on television when it comes to The Boulet Brothers brand of drag and all of the drag monsters in our demented little family, but we know it is live on stage where monster drag is best experienced. For the first time, the tour will feature a revolving roster of performances from nearly the entire cast, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to unleash them all on the willing masses.”

The tour will stop in Atlanta on April 11 at Center Stage Theater.

“We’ve been to Atlanta many times for Pride events, various parties and horror conventions alike,” the Boulets said. “It’s been a few years since we’ve had the pleasure, but each time we visit we have a fabulous time!”

Attendees can expect an incredible lineup of alternative drag performances, shocks, and thrills. Even if you’ve never seen the show, if you’re a fan of shocking performance and horror, this show is for you. Along with Dracmorda and Swanthula, some fan favorites will also be taking the stage.

“Well darling, the Titans season consisted of nothing but fan favorites, so we’ve decided to bring them all! (Well, almost all of them),” the Boulets said. “It’s always been a goal of ours to be able to offer as many opportunities to perform to as many of our cast members as possible, and we are genuinely delighted that we can bring so many monsters to the various dates on the tour. It’s why we all do what we do — we live to perform and entertain. As far as the Atlanta lineup, the show will star us of course, [“Titans” winner] Victoria Elizabeth Black, Koco Caine, HoSo Terra Toma and the deadly Melissa Befierce! Prepare yourselves.”

Atlanta is the second stop on the tour after Orlando on April 8 before they travel north and west, ending in Seattle on May 12 before the international tour kicks off on June 6. Other icons joining various shows include Abhora, Astrud Aurelia, Erika Klash, Evah Destruction, and Kendra Onixx.

The Dragula Titans Tour comes to Center Stage on April 11 at 8pm. To learn more and buy tickets, visit Tickets start at $44.50.