Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Sexy Stocking Stuffers

These pleasurable presents are perfect for your partner or feisty friends.

A. Crystal Delights Rainbow Bubble Dildo and Pineapple Delight Plug 

This gorgeous glass toys are equal parts pretty and pleasurable! Surprise your partner (or partners!) with these this holiday season to amp up your sex like. $245 for both, Kiss and Ride; 482 Moreland Ave NE;

B. Banana Pants Lippi and Honeybunch 

These luxurious silicone toys are lusciously soft and multi-functional: use them as a grinder, stroker, or a dildo base! Starting at $39.99, Kiss and Ride 

C. Leather Barber Strap Handle 

Amp up your BDSM game this holiday season with this stunning and sexy leather paddle, complete with a walnut handle. $76.99, Barking Leather; 1510 Piedmont Ave NE; 

D. Ultra Thigh Strap On 

Discover new levels of intimacy: regardless of your body. This thigh strap on harness is built for all body types and abilities, with plenty of flexibility for many types of mobility. $30.99, Kiss and Ride 

E. Bone and Gagged Black Silicone Dog Bone Gag 

This inhibiting bone gag will help you train and control your “pet” comfortably. At six inches in length, it’s the perfect size to bite on while in training. $45.99, Barking Leather 

F. Bamboo Packing Harness 

Playfully nicknamed the “Cock Sock,” this packing harness is designed specifically to hold an STP or soft packing device under underwear or clothing. This queer, trans-founded company offers free custom sizing to give you the perfect fit for your body. $38, Origami Customs;  

G. Nude and Black Wide Gaff Bundle 

This sexy panties are designed for pre-op transgender women, non-binary people, and anybody who tucks by a transgender women who tucks. These wide gaffs are made with more robust and firm fitting elastic bands, offering security and coverage. $64, Gaff and Go;