Human Rights Campaign Endorses Georgia State Legislature Candidates

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has announced their endorsements for the Georgia State Legislature.

“With patchwork protections at the state level, Georgia’s 356,000 LGBTQ residents still face legal discrimination in many areas of life,” said Melodía Gutiérrez, the HRC Associate Regional Campaign Director. “We need to elect a pro-equality majority in the Georgia Legislature to advance key LGBTQ protections that will ensure every Georgian has full equality. Our slate of endorsed candidates will fight for those protections, and we are thrilled to be endorsing their campaigns and working with them to deliver victories in the most consequential election of our lifetimes.”

The endorsements are as follows:

Kim Jackson (SD-41)

Michelle Au (SD-48)

Sarah Beeson (SD-56)

Mary Frances Williams (HD-37)

Connie Dicicco (HD-44)

Mary Robichaux (HD-48)

Angelika Kausche (HD-50)

Josh McLaurin (HD-51)

Beth Moore (HD-95)

Gregg Kennard (HD-102)

Regina Lewis-Ward (HD-109)

Robert Trammell (HD-132)

The endorsements mark HRC’s efforts to elect pro-equality allies to ensure all Georgians are treated equally under the law. Currently, Georgia is one of 29 states to not protect LGBTQ citizens with statewide non-discrimination protections.

Today (October 5) is the last day to register to vote in time to vote in the general election. You can register here and check your registration, find district information, access a sample ballot, and locate your polling place here.