Ivy Fisher / Courtesy photo

Ivy Fischer: The It Girl You Need to Know

If you don’t know Ivy Fischer, you need to. The 24-year-old multimedia artist based in Atlanta is known for being “That Girl.” She has always been a lover of all things creative; her writing has been featured in The Huffington Post and “them,” and she has been featured in Vogue. She’s a classically trained musician and has performed in a few theater productions in the past, but she’s most commonly known for bopping around the city turning up parties and showing people a good time through her performance art and event promotion. From being a dancer to doing burlesque and drag, she has been performing professionally for the past five years with a bold, contemporary style. Her biggest performance yet was at this past Atlanta Pride, the first one since the start of the pandemic.


Her performances draw inspiration from ’60s and ’70s showgirls and burlesque dancers like Lola Falana, Ajita Wilson, and Cristina Ortiz Rodríguez (La Veneno). But Fischer also gets inspired by everything around her: a walk in the park, the city life, her friends and their respective art. Ivy’s shows can be best described as “inviting, alluring, sensual, and polished.” One recurring creative partner is Savana Ogburn, a photographer, collage artist and videographer (originally from Georgia) whom she met during their freshman year at SCAD. In the past, they’ve collaborated on multiple photo shoots and video projects. She often will perform to alternative music, funk, R&B, jazz, and music that her friends make and loves when audience members come up to her afterward and ask, “What song was that?”


Ivy has performed all over the country and the world, but she thinks Atlanta’s party scene is unique and one of the best. Although it’s exciting to check out the queer scenes in other places like Spain, Chicago, LA and NYC, Atlanta is her favorite. She says the city stands out in a number of ways, but the main one is in its diversity. Not just general diversity, but diversity among Black people as well. She believes the community of Black artists is what’s holding the Atlanta scene together and keeping it fresh and vibrant. There are so many Black creatives she comes across in the city who inspire her every day that she says, “just really are the tea!” and that, “everyone is really on their shit, doing the damn thing.” Fischer’s dream would be if all the Black creatives in the city made one big project together.


Some tips from Fischer for anyone who is thinking about pursuing burlesque or drag performance:


Be who you are when you’re alone when you’re on stage. When you’re alone in your room dancing in the mirror. Feed into your confidence, your body, your aura. Always remain humble and kind. Make sure you smell good. Make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings. Being a Black woman in this industry can be very precarious.

Fischer said it can be difficult at times to interact with people who are so enamored with you that they immediately fetishize and sexualize you and don’t see you as a real person. That’s why it’s especially important to have a good support system around you, people you feel comfortable and safe with. It helps you navigate the nightlife space in a much safer manner.


Where can you find her?

Chapel Beauty is a recurring show that Ivy does once a month along with Miss He (@misshethequeen) and Minty (@minty_atl), which is a great opportunity to see her perform. She posts about all her performances on her Instagram (@ivanalysette) and is available to book for shows, parties, and private events through her business email as well (hello@ivfischer.com). She has some exciting articles coming out soon, so be on the lookout for those!