Readers and Staff Pet Photos


Owner: Kristy Dermid

Archie is a 3-year-old Aussiedoodle mix. He is a trained and registered therapy dog. A proposal was written by Kristy to have him serve in the capacity of a therapy dog at her current school. He comes to work with Kristy three days a week and provides therapeutic support to both middle and high school aged kids. His favorite task is delivering paw-sitive referrals to kids who have earned recognition for their behavior.



Owner: Tamer Barsbay

Bruno the brown Boston may be four years old, but he is just as much a puppy as he ever was. Bruno spends all day traveling diligently from room to room to find the sunniest spots to lay in. His tightly packed Boston Terrier face makes him prone to snoring and snorting, so Bruno treads a fine line between being precious and quite unsightly to look at. Bruno’s favorite activities include farting, licking other dogs in inappropriate places, and struggling to breathe.


Betty Rizzo and Alexis Carrington

Owner: Jim Brams

Riz is a ten-year-old chiweenie (half dachshund, half chihuahua) and was a tornado rescue from Alabama. Seven-year-old Lexi hails from Wetumpka, Alabama, and is a blue Weim (half Viszla, half Weimaraner). Guess who rules the roost?


Puffypants and Mittens

Owner: Katie Burkholder

Puffypants (right) and Mittens were introduced into their owners’ lives by sheer chance after a stray (and unknowingly, pregnant) cat captured their hearts about nine years ago. The brother and sister haven’t been separated since, growing up together. While both are the most loving cats you’ll meet, Puffypants is definitely the more affectionate (sometimes erring on the side of needy!). Mittens can be standoffish when you first meet her, but once she gets to know you, you’ll fall in love.



Owner: Lex Bridges

Tjay is from Tijuana, Mexico. He loves traveling, people, treats, parks and backrubs! He never meets a stranger; to know him is to love him!


Asia Blu and Sophia

Owner: Tim Boyd

Sophia (right) is a 13 -year-old female, and Asia Blu is a little less than 2 years old. Sophia is a 13 year old French bulldog and her baby sister is a not quite 2 years old.  Sophia’s favorite activity is taking walks and  for chicken bones while her sister is only interested in trying to play with anyone she comes into contact with on the street.