Reader’s Pets

We love our readers — but we might love their furry friends even more! These fluffy ATLiens are shining stars, through and through. 

Xena the Warrior Princess (left) and Darling Duke Dhaulagiri are the little angels of proud mamas Diane and Jamie. These two darling divas are local celebrities in their East Atlanta ‘hood. 

Penny loves long hiking adventures, socializing with the neighborhood dogs, and listening to classical music. She’s sensitive to the mood of a room and always knows when it’s time to play or when it’s time to relax. Although it may not seem like it, beneath Penny’s energetic personality is a lot of intelligence and gentleness: you just have to tire her out first!

This is Austin’s pretty pup, Lady. Can you guess who her namesake is? 

Teeny tiny Olive is small but mighty. She’s simple hamster; give her a ball to roam around her apartment, and she’s good to go. 

Liza’s sweet weenie Brick is a fun-loving guy – he’s well known for his love of boats and a good time!