The Furry Friends of the Georgia Voice


Owner: Dallas

Benson is a five-year-old boxer heeler mix and was adopted from The Pregnant Dog Rescue. He has been my best friend since he was 10 weeks old. At four months old, he discovered his two favorite pastimes: he went on his first camping trip and caught his first frisbee. At seven months old, he went through his initiation as a road warrior and made a cross country trip to California and back. On this trip he got to see the Grand Canyon and experience snow for the first time. He has deep soulful eyes and now his ears are lopsided after an ear injury. He’s still adorable, and it only adds to his charm. His cuddle level is expert and quite frequently he likes to be the little spoon. He’s never met anyone he didn’t love and due to his chill nature, he has won over multiple people that were afraid of dogs. He is my ride or die, my soulmate, and the most amazing creature I have ever known.


Owner: Kevin

My name is Katya. I’m a Siberian metallic who lives in Tucker with my two amazing dads. I’m their first pet together. They debated for over a decade whether to adopt a cat because they both have allergies. My breed is excellent for that, and I have proven to be zero-impact. But of course that’s the case, because I am perfect in every way. My dads think I’m a Russian spy and they always joke about that, but it’s just because I’m very smart. (I was just helping one of my dads tonight replace a switch in a lamp. It was funny because I really did know which wire to cut, but not because I work for the KGB. I just read a lot and am very curious about things.) I have a baby brother. Sigh. He’s annoying AF and it’s taken me some time to build up a tolerance for him. But our dads teach us the importance of tolerance and acceptance of others, and I try to practice that with Kolya. And let me just say that everyone in this house has a name that starts with K? I think that’s precious, but whatever. 


Owner: Kevin

My name is Kolya (short for Nicolai). I’m a 10-month-old Siberian color point (hence my Russian name) who is really living his best life here in Tucker. In case anyone asks about me not being a rescue, my dads have allergies, and I am very low impact. They debated for over a decade whether to adopt, but I’m really glad they did. I love my dads, and I love my life. When I’m not working full time sleeping in laps, I’m sleeping on the fireplace hearth. In my spare time I enjoy napping, siestas, and freaking my dads out by running up and down the stairs like a football player in the middle of the night. But let’s just cut to the chase. I’m a stud. I mean, look at my bedroom eyes. I’m really the Matt Bomer of the cat kingdom. I mean, I’m not gay, but figured you’d get a kick out of that. 


Owner: Sydney

Daisy was wandering the streets of Athens when the Adoption Coordinator for Athens Canine Rescue found her. They took her in, patched her up, and she found her forever home in Atlanta in July 2022. Her life’s passion is to sniff, but she also loves to snooze, snuggle, and snack.

She’s also a big fan of riding in the car with the wind in her big hound ears. Her choice mode of communication is via squeak, but she’s a world-class howler as well. One thing’s for sure, she’s one very loved pup.

Tony Hawk 

Owner: Jake

Tony is an eight-year-old corgi sporting one dairy-cow-brown eye, one icy blue eye, a blackberry nose, satellite dish ears, a chicken nugget tail, and a fierce attitude. Her culinary tastes include popcorn, rice, and cookies from Dog City Bakery. This summer you can find her laying with two paws cooling in the AC & two paws catching some rays on the balcony.