Valentine’s Gift Guide: Naughty

A. Leather Posture Collar 

This black-and-white Leather Posture Collar is perfect for puppy play and bondage. Also, the collar locks… for extra fun. $54.99, Barking Leather; 1510 Piedmont Ave. NE;

B. Season 1 Poly Pack

Cute Little Fuckers has the cutest and most accessible toys on the market. Founded by Step, a queer and disabled person, who combined their love of monsters and sex to create easy-to-play toys that everyone can use. The Season 1 Poly Pack includes the Starsi vibrator, Trinity vibrating dildo, and the adorable Princette. The perfect gift to yourself, your friends, or your partner(s). Bonus: all three are waterproof. $199, Cute Little Fuckers; 

C. LELO Massage Candle

enby is a Black, trans-owned company that makes gender-affirming accessories and toys for queer, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming people. Currently, two percent of all proceeds are donated to organizations dedicated to helping queer and trans POC. The erotic massage candle is made of soy wax, shea butter, and apricot kernel oil to create a sensual oil blend for massage. $36.97, enby; 

D. Black Protection Bikinis 

Lorals is changing the game for people with vulvae. There’s nothing sexier than a partner or partners who care about your health. Lorals offer thin, latex underwear that offers STI protection, while still allowing the wearer to engage in oral sex. The Black Protection Bikinis are sexy while offering protection and promising pleasure. Starting at $25 for a pack of four; Lorals;

E. Bondage Hook + Suspension Kit 


Agreeable Agony is a queer-owned shop dedicated to kink visibility. They offer a variety of kinky accessories and toys, including the Bondage Hook. The stainless-steel rope hook has a butt plug to maximize rope play.  You can use the plug by itself, or with their Suspension Kit. $79.95 for the hook$159 for the suspension kit; Agreeable Agony; 

F. The Hush Ball Silicone Comfort Forming Ball Gag 

The Hush Ball Gag is designed to silence your plaything while providing complete comfort The unique 1.65-inch ball design includes corner straps to avoid the normal chafing that may happen with standard ball gags. The strap is adjustable from 16 to 22 inches to fit snuggly, and includes a locking buckle, to which you may add your own padlock. The gag itself is made of odorless, tasteless, phthalate-free silicone. Price available in-store, Brushstrokes Pleasures; 1510-D Piedmont Ave. NE

G. Sensual Massage Materials

Give the gift of a sexy massage this Valentine’s Day. Set the stage for sensual play with the Jo All-in-One Massage Kit. Use the tea light candle to add an inviting flare of romance and if you are new to the art of massage, use the included massage guide and massager to enhance your experience. Or try the Dona Aphrodisiac and Pheromone Infused Massage Oil or the Jo Naturals Peppermint and Eucalyptus Massage Oil. Price available in-store, Brushstrokes Pleasures