TikTokers Cole Robbins (left) and Adam McCabe / Photo via TikTok

Viral TikTok Food Bloggers Dish on Atlanta’s Food Scene

Fiancés Adam McCabe and Cole Robbins document some of Atlanta’s most incredible eateries on their Atlanta Foodies TikTok account. A colorful array of fresh foods, pastel ombre cocktails, and gorgeous floral-laden rooftops adorn the couple’s food blog, which has over 100,000 followers.

“The Atlanta food scene is highly underrated compared to places like New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, and San Francisco,” McCabe told Georgia Voice. “This is a transient city and there are a lot of different cultures here in Atlanta. We started the account in September 2020 to support local restaurants during the pandemic. The account is a joint project for sure. Cole does the video-ing. I’m on camera always eating the food, and I do the editing.”

Atlanta Foodies focuses on businesses that have unique and visually stunning aesthetics, always checking out the menu and vibe before deciding to commit. Some of their videos have focused on themes like Black-owned businesses, outdoor patios, best rooftops, and best margaritas.

“Cocktails can be very appealing and creative,” McCabe said. “Videos around cocktails and rooftops have done really well. Restaurants that hone in on their aesthetic, that are eye-catching with a wow factor; those videos do really well. The industry is so competitive that you have to separate yourself.”

He mentioned a well-performing video of him at Steak Market Atlanta eating a yellow cotton candy dessert that was fashioned into a Victorian-style wig atop the head of a mannequin.

The couple goes out to eat two to four times a week, and not always to create content. Sometimes the pair set clear intentions not to use their phones in order to stay present for a romantic dinner. Most of their dining is done as a couple, with the occasional group dining experience allowing them to invite friends and family.

When they go to a restaurant or dining experience with plans to review and video the food, they always inform the restaurant beforehand. On these occasions, since their purpose is to try to highlight various menu items, they are often served several more dishes than they can finish.

“We can never eat all the food, and we don’t want it to go to waste,” McCabe said. “Our fridge is literally just a box of leftovers. When people come over, they jokingly ask where our [real] food is.”

The two played up this joke by participating in a viral TikTok trend using audio from “The Loneliest Time” by Carly Ray Jepsen and Rufus Wainwright. In the video, the two lip-sync the lyrics, “I’m coming back for you,” as they put takeout leftovers in the fridge.

Sometimes the duo partners with big names like Kroger, Sonic, RaceTrac, and Sonny’s, but the majority of their content spotlights local businesses.

Adam and Cole shared some of their top Atlanta dining recommendations:

Favorite Places: The Optimist, Yebo Beach Haus, No. 246, Bastone, Le Colonial

Most Unique Dining: The Select, Steak Market Atlanta, The Garden Room, Atlas

Best Casual Dining: Muss and Turner’s, Little Rey, Muchacho, Hot Dog Pete’s

Best Fine Dining: Umi, Mujō, Georgia Boy/Southern Belle, Lyla Lila

Best Drinks: Westside Motor Lounge, Bar Vegan, Biltong Bar, Bar Margot, Little Spirit

Best Dessert: Cafe Intermezzo, Canoe, Miller Union, Lyla Lila

Best Coffee: East Pole Coffee Co., The Daily, Gilly Brew Bar, PERC

One might think the two will eventually run out of new local places to eat, but McCabe assures that there is no danger of that. He referenced an article by atlanta.eater.com stating that over 180 restaurants have opened in Atlanta and metro Atlanta since January.

In December, the couple plans to focus on holiday pop-up bars and rooftop igloos. Follow them on TikTok @atlfoodies and on Instagram @atlfoodiesofficial.