The Wiki definition of a vacation is “Leisure time, at least a whole day but usually longer (typically one to three weeks) away from work or duty and devoted to rest or pleasure.” Got it. But that last part —devoted to rest or pleasure — is where our different interpretations show up.

Consider these vacation types:

Sunset at St. Croix
Sunset on St. Croix (via Jo Giraudo)

Vegecation or Hibercation

Your typical day is laying on the beach, eating, a nap, a dip in the pool, drinking, a nap, eating, walking around then bed. You can take this vacation with friends, family or just by yourself. It involves very little mental or physical activity. You want to space out, hang out, just chill out. Try St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. Relaxed yet engaging. It has a decent LGBT community with several welcoming small hotels like Sand Castle St. Croix.

Daycation or Staycation

This is a partially committed attempt at a holiday. Usually dictated by limited finances or time, the staycation involves travel by car, bus or train to a destination that is as close as downtown and no further away than a few states. It is a dabbler’s trip. Do a little of lots of different things. Drive south to the Keys (Alexander’s Guest House – Key West) or take a train north to the Cape (Crown and Anchor-Provincetown). Or take a cab to a nearby hotel with a spa and room service.


The work while you play vacation has always been popular, especially among students and social groups. Sweet, the lesbian cruise company, calls it “Where debauchery meets do-goodery.” Their cruises offer the opportunity to complete a humanitarian project when they dock at a port. Voluntourista activities include a baby sea turtle release, habitat restoration projects, eco clean ups and community service.

Adventure Travel

The possibilities for an active vacation are as endless as your imagination. The premiere tour company Alyson Adventures will get you thinking and Venus Adventures will take you camping in Egypt. Any cruise will give you lots of different stimulation by being in a different town or city each day.

So when you feel the need to get away from your routine and de-stress – decide how active you want to be and how far from home you need to go. Give your trip focus and you will be more successful in your research and discussions with your travel agent.


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