Employees of Metrotainment Cafes Haven’t Received Overdue Checks

Employees of Metrotrainment Bakery are hoping to receive overdue paychecks from February.

“Right now, most of us have no money in our account, and we can’t even go to the grocery store,” Loredana Seared, an employee of Metrotainment Bakery, told CBS46.

Managers received an email from company owners Jeff and Amy Landau telling them that the company has lost more than 90 percent of business, so paychecks would be late.

Another employee told CBS46 that they received a check this week, but it wasn’t even have of what they owe her.

“They said they didn’t have the funds,” the employee said.

Metrotainment Cafes, which operates Metrotainment Bakery, Hudson Grille, Joe’s on Juniper, Einsteins, and Sugar Shack, employs more than 400 people. Co-owner Jeff Lanau said that they’ve “done our best.”

“I understand the anger,” Lanau said. “They are scared. I am scared. We are all scared right now as to what’s happening, but we have really done everything we can.”

Accordnig to Lanau, all of their minimum wage employees had already been paid their full check. The remaining staff received 40 percent of their salaries. The company has also filed for state unemployment benefits for all of its employees.