Georgia Power Honored by Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Georgia Power received the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s (AGLCC) 2018 Corporate Ally of the Year award. The AGLCC honored the company for their economic growth and advancement within Atlanta’s LGBTQ community. Customers and employees of Georgia Power express feeling valued, respected and engaged due to the company’s promotion in a culture of equality and excellence.

Executive vice president of External Affairs for Georgia Power, Chris Cummiskey, express his gratitude in a statement saying, “This honor is truly in recognition of Georgia Power’s philosophy and commitment to diversity and inclusion, which empowers our employees to help our communities and all Georgians thrive.” Cummiskey continues, “At Georgia Power we understand the importance of having a workforce that reflects the communities we serve – communities that are unique across not only race, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation, but also creativity, experience and educational backgrounds.”

Georgia Power promotes diversity within their hiring fields and corporate outreach to customers. To ensure their goal in serving neighbors and businesses across the state, the company embrace their community’s diverse range of culture and interests. An article from PR Newswire describes Georgia Power beliefs in embracing diversity and states, “a diverse workforce makes us better in every decision that we make, and in our interactions with our neighbors and customers.”

Georgia Power incorporates Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to guarantee protection for employees of all backgrounds. “Employee Resource Groups provide our employees with a supportive environment where they can voice issues, present solutions and participate in activities that will improve the work culture and increase the feeling of inclusion and respect,” stated from the company’s website. “They also help to increase employee engagement through professional and personal development activities, personal learning and growth workshops, diversity awareness meetings, professional networking events, and other activities that support the company’s business goals.”

One of the nine ERGs, PRIDE Power, incorporates an inclusive work environment to ensure LGBTQ employees and allies protection. “The mission of PRIDE Power is to foster an inclusive work environment built on our values, where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees and their allies are empowered to be authentic, valued and respected,” stated PRIDE Power’s mission guideline.

Georgia Power’s constant support and encouragement in diversity influences employees to “learn, grow, advance their careers and make a difference.”