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Atlanta Black Gay Pride leadership names new president


In the Life Atlanta, the non-profit organizer of the annual Black Gay Pride celebration, announced today a new president is stepping in to take over the reins of leading the organization.

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[Video] Dude, Republican Meghan McCain likes weed — and gay marriage


Republican Meghan McCain, whose father lost to President Barack Obama four years ago, chatted with Anderson Cooper on his live TV show today and praised both legalizing marijuana and the passage of marriage equality in Maryland and Maine. 

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[Updated] President Obama wins thanks to strong show in swing states

In a highly contested general election, President Barack Obama tonight retained the presidency of the United States of America after defeating Republican challenger and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney. Multiple media outlets, including CNN and Fox News, projected Obama the victor around 11:15 p.m. on election night. A concession followed from Romney, while President Obama addressed supporters in the early morning hours.

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Will Republicans learn from their general election loss?

Brian Brown

Even before news that President Barack Obama claimed a second term in the White House late last night, Republicans and conservatives had already begun searching for someone, or something, to blame for their candidate’s defeat.

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