Cure your Monday blues with a full schedule of events from karaoke to drag

Not ready for the weekend to end?

Just like the solution to a hangover is sometimes the hair of the dog that bit you, sometimes the best way to deal with Monday is to pretend it is still the weekend. Luckily, Atlanta’s gay and gay-popular venues have plenty on tap on Monday night to keep your party-withdrawals at bay.

Like karaoke? Check out Crazy Bitch Karaoke at Las Margaritas or Karaoke Idol at Burkhart’s.

How about drag? Monday is Dragamaki at Nickiemoto’s and Drag on the Edge at Blake’s.

There’s also Texas Hold’em at Woof’s, Piano Mondays with David Reed at Mixx, Bear Chest Night at the Atlanta Eagle, and industry night’s at Mary’s and the Heretic.

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