President Obama includes Stonewall, marriage equality in inaugural address

President Barack Obama specifically included LGBT rights in today’s inauguration speech, part of a powerful appeal to “the most evident of truths – that all of us are created equal.”

Obama gave his second inaugural address after being sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts.

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Atlanta members ready to march with Lesbian & Gay Band Association in inaugural parade


There’s nothing like marching bands to celebrate a presidential inauguration. And nothing makes a parade a celebration like gay and lesbian musicians and color guards marching out and proud to the sound of their own drummers.

President Barack Obama’s inauguration is set for Monday with a celebration to include a parade with 28 bands including the Lesbian and Gay Band Association and its seven members from Atlanta. The LGBA is the only LGBT band in the parade.

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Gay Salvation Army fundraiser now working for AID Atlanta as ‘whole self’


Joey Helton understands why people would question how he, as a gay man with a boyfriend, worked for seven years for the Salvation Army, raising millions of dollars for the religious nonprofit that discriminates against LGBT people.

The Salvation Army has also been accused of not helping gay couples unless they end their relationships and one of its leaders was once quoted as saying gay people deserve to die.

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If not Obama, Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce, then who?

Barack Obama inauguration

Ya know, Barack Obama must have had some serious decisions to make about who would perform at his second inauguration.

Using only the finest in Internet truth (Wikipedia, duh), it seems that Obama had his pick of the litter.

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