AID Atlanta's Gay Men's Outreach program will unveil a new HIV/AIDS-awareness initiative called Go Atlanta tomorrow night at the Phillip Rush Center. The initiative, run by AID Atlanta's Gay Men's Outreach Coordinator Steven Igarashi, will centralize the Gay Men's Outreach program's events and offer new tools to raise awareness of the continued fight against HIV/AIDS.

“There are new initiatives,” Igarashi said today by phone. “We didn't have any kind of central website for our program.”

One of the new initiatives will be a regularly updated video section featuring local men and familiar Atlanta destinations.

“We're looking at the videos as a gay 'Sex in the City,'” Igarashi said. “We hope that men watch them and find them relate-able. Everyone in the videos are local people who donated their time to us. They're shot in locations that we think gay men will recognize like Ansley Mall and Piedmont Park.”

AID Atlanta launches new website, video series aimed at gay men


Go Atlanta launch
Phillip Rush Center
1530 Dekalb Ave., Suite A
Atlanta, GA

Igarashi added that time constraints and the stigma of attending an event like those put on by AID Atlanta keep many would-be participants at home.

“There’s a lot of men that won’t come because it’s hosted at our facility. They don’t want to be seen coming in or going. By having this increased online presence, it takes away a time parameter. It takes away the need to actually be somewhere.”

Visitors must register with AID Atlanta, anonymously, to view the videos. Igarashi said this was to collect demographic information on those who use the program’s services.

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