Slate debuted a new video series called “Ask A Homo,” and for the first installment (video above), the topic is gay bar etiquette. June Thomas, editor of Outward, Slate’s LGBT section, considers herself a separatist and says that straight people should stay out of gay bars and that gay men should stay out of lesbian bars.

What do you think? Should straight allies stay out of gay bars, and should the gay men of Atlanta stay out of lesbian bars like MSR? | @patricksaunders


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  1. T.C.

    To state that “Gay spaces should be for gay people” is absurd and you should be ashamed of yourself for even saying that aloud! We are fighting all over the world for equality, the right to be, the freedoms to which we should be entitled to, and if a straight person said “Straight spaces should be for straight people” we would be outside with our signs letting our voices be heard, of how we disapprove of being excluded.
    Since when have we turned away anyone that wanted to party with us? Since when have we not wanted to hang with someone because of their sexual preference? You, “a gay person”, are doing to non-gays, exactly what society is doing to us. How is that any better?
    Your words are disgraceful, and I am glad that I live in a city where we all can commingle without some butch taking offense trying to separate us!


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