[Video] Who is the the fifth accuser in Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal?

“This young man is only 19 but that age doesn’t limit him to anything he wants that’ll make him succeed. This vibrant teen has been at it for a while. he found his love for music when he was apart of his local church choir, No matter what he does whether its photography, or fashion, drama, or modeling his music is never far behind. he writes all of his songs . A little bit of poetry is thrown into his lyrices as well. Not only that he sings and write his music, recite his own poetry and dance; More of Centinio is about to come and better. he is currently travelling within the United States and his home country The Bahamas. he is open for other opportunities and never limit his abilities,” the Myspace bio states.

On Facebook, he is known as “Wildchild Kemp.”

He also has a Twitter account where he describes himself as “A Real Life Ken Doll” and he mentions equality for LGBT people, specifically in several May 14 Tweets:

• “You know, #gay, #lesbian, #bisexual, #transgender – people are people.”

• “War. #Rape. #Murder. #Poverty. #Equalrightsforgays. Guess which one the #SouthernBaptistConvention is protesting?”

• “From a #religious point of view, if #God had thought #homosexuality is a sin, he would not have created #gaypeople.”

Here’s a video for his song “Pornography”:


Top photo: Centino Kemp (via Lockerz.com)