To the editors:

I voted for Roy Barnes for governor holding my nose. Literally. I walked in to the booth knowing Barnes was posing as a Democrat who: 1) Did not stand with the president when the president visited Georgia; 2) Promised to work to repeal healthcare reform; 3) Stood opposed to marriage equality.

I voted for Mr. Barnes simply for the reason that I believed he would not be as bad as Nathan Deal.

Never again. I shall never cast a vote for someone who does not see me as equal and deserving of all the rights and protections given me as a birthright. Never again.

Are you listening, Democrats? This gay voter says ‘never again’

If a politician wants my vote they must earn it. Simply being not as bad as the other guy is not good enough reason. I will not vote rather than cast something as precious as a vote for someone who thinks I am not equal.

Politicians cannot take me for granted. Never again.


Mike Canfield