A secondary headline on an article in the March 19, 2010, issue (“Focus turns to federal lawsuit over Eagle raid”) was incorrect. The secondary headline stated, “Plaintiffs’ attorney says city offered settlement money — but no apology.” The headline could be understood to mean that the city had submitted an official settlement offer to end the case, which is not true.

As is reflected in the article, Dan Grossman, an attorney for the plaintiffs, told writer Christopher Seely that the city had participated in mandatory settlement discussions, and the city’s attorneys indicated a potential willingness to discuss money in the future, but no specific monetary settlement amount has been discussed at this point. However, the city indicated it was not willing to discuss an apology or admit that police officers did anything wrong in their raid of the Atlanta Eagle.


It is the policy of the Georgia Voice to correct errors in coverage. Errors made in the print edition will be corrected in the first issue after they are discovered.

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