Gay Atlanta social media roundup for Ice Capades 2014 (Day One)

It happened. Again.

Thankfully this time most everyone stayed off the roads for this latest freakish weather event. But all reports as of Wednesday afternoon are that we’re just getting started. LGBT Atlanta had no shortage of comments about the storm, so here’s a roundup of voices on Facebook so far today to give you an idea of what the community is chatting about during Ice Capades 2014.

Michael Johnston 2:48PM
Today would be a fun day to take the doors off the jeep, music turnt, being ridiculous in the city.

Jane Bradshaw 2:40PM
Petunia the Prius carried us safely to and from the gym (what else ya gonna do on a snow day) on slushy, almost icy roads!! Go Petunia!! (Don’t worry mom, I didn’t go over 14mph) — with Keith Burnette

John Phillip Ouderkirk 2:33PM
Headed for hospital rounds in Atlanta… Love the lack of traffic!! Keeps the sorry drivers of the road!!!

Vaden Saunders 2:12PM
Who’s out in Piedmont Park???

Delerea Dae 2:05PM
It’s colder than a witches titty in a brass bra in my house!!! #notaboutthislife

Anthony Payne 2:02PM
Dear winter, its over and its you. Im perfect!

Linda Ellis 2:01PM
Today is beginning to remind me of my first christmas visit to Mattoon. As much as I loved my new in-laws, after 3 days, I was using a screw driver and a hair dryer to get the frozen car doors open, so that we could get on the road – to anywhere.

Mark Dvorak 1:58PM
Said in my best Nelson Muntz voice: “Charlotte. Haw. Haw!”

Maximillian Corwell 1:47PM
Ok time to make chili. Any secret recipes anybody wants to share?

Topher Payne 1:45PM
I took Daisy out for a walk on the sheet of ice that was once our back yard. Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski critiqued the whole endeavor. They were pretty bitchy.

Frank Bragg 1:44PM
Cleaning break! Turkey-havarti melts with tomato-basil soup & a few chips.

Mike Jacobs 1:40PM
DeKalb and Fulton schools closed tomorrow, Thursday, February 13. No surprise there, but please pass along the word it’s official.

Ralph Haurin 1:35PM
Most miserable looking news reporter award goes to Dierdre Duke of Fox 5.

Jim Farmer 12:37PM
Some of these local TV stations have 20 reporters out and about reporting on the weather. Is there that much to report on?

Juliana Illari 12:35PM
With sincere regret we have CANCELED tomorrows Georgia Stonewall Democrats Valentine party. The weather and power outages make it too dangerous to venture out.

Stay Safe everyone.

We will schedule a fun and sassy event soon.

Ralph Haurin 12:26PM
Governor Nathan Deal is having a press conf regarding the weather and he mentioned that the head of the Georgia National Guard is actually named “General Butterworth.”


Craig Strain 12:10PM
Ok …. A little positive writing about Snow by an unknown author …

Falling Snow

See the pretty snowflakes
Falling from the sky,
On the wall and housetops
Soft and thick they lie.

On the window ledges,
On the branches bare,
Now how fast they gather,
Filling all the air.

Look into the garden,
Where the grass was green;
Covered by the snowflakes,
Not a blade is seen.

Now the bare black bushes,
All look soft and white,
Every twig is laden –
What a pretty sight!

Philip Rafshoon 12:08PM
What an exciting hour it has been. Mom’s House lost power and it has already been restored and CVS on Peachtree is open and stocked with Eggs and Milk!

Zak Taylor 12:05PM
Took an 11:30am walk around the neighborhood. Caribou on 10th x Piedmont is now closed, but the convenience store on 10th is open. Everything else is shut. The ground slush has turned to snow-cone or just plain ice. Trees now have a visible shell of ice on them.

Frank Bragg 12:01PM
When you own your own business, there is little time for extra projects. Thanks to Mother Nature forcing us to close today, my kitchen cabinets are getting a thorough cleaning – now, Keith Austin I insist on knowing that secret technique for cleaning Riedel glasses!!

Debbie Fraker 11:57AM
the animals are mostly staying in and so are we. we lost power this morning for about 4 hours, but it’s back on and we are using it while we can, expecting it to go out again at some point. we ran the generator this morning long enough to shower and make coffee. we are ready if it happens again.

Maggie Lopez 11:49AM
Maybe we sold the all-wheel drive Bmw prematurely. Should have kept it one more week?

Loren Hoffman 11:29AM
Yep… it’s a SlushFest ATL…

Kevin Leonard 11:18AM
I don’t know about the ‘burbs but the city handled the storm pretty damn well this time. All highways and off ramps from midtown to marietta as well as all the streets I drove on in Midtown were salted by 1am last night, before the first snow/ice. Nice job learning from the mistake of 2 weeks ago, Kassim.

Mark S. King 11:12AM
What the hell happened to snow stud Jim Cantori? Suddenly he looks like Karl Malden!

Will Rumfelt 10:29AM at Five Points (MARTA station)
37 minutes and still no sign of a northbound train. At least the yelling crackhead is keeping me entertained. ‪#‎needcoffee‬

Linda Ellis 10:22AM
Parenting delimma: Why, on today of all days, would the kid do the thing that we all know will result in the loss of screens?

Shawn Black 10:18AM
Cookies and caramels and a good comforter. See y’all when the Sun peaks out tomorrow morning.

Michael Baker 10:11AM
The potato chips on the counter are talking to me. I just finished breakfast. Is it wrong to have Combos for dessert? Is there even dessert with breakfast? And is it too early for a mimosa? Oh god I’m bored.

Kevin Leonard 10:08AM
Is Joe’s on Juniper open yet?

Sharon Morey 9:39AM
Power just went out. Hwy 92 and Sandy Planes. Anyone else?

Grant Henry 9:28AM
Grant Henry at Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium


Zak Taylor 9:31AM
Took a 9am walk around Piedmont, 10th, Peachtree, Juniper: ground is covered in convenience store slushy; trees look damp but its really a first layer of ice; cars drove by at rate of ~1 per minute; Caribou Coffee and Empire State South are OPEN…everything else is closed.

Glen Paul Freedman 9:24AM
Atlanta snow/ice storm part 2. Who new Atlanta will now be known as a new ski/snow resort. Talk about messed up weather in every city this year and going forward.

Mike Jacobs 9:09AM
For my FB friends in the DeKalb County Gov’t, there are reports of a water main break in the HillsDale neighborhood off North Druid Hills in Brookhaven. Entire neighborhood is said to be without water.