“I think a heterosexual couple could have been and should have been charged. I think that the gay community and it’s media outlets should be very careful not to give the impression of defending inappropriate public acts.”

“I think that they would have probably just been run off by the security guard or maybe had some sort of disciplinary action from the school rather than going to jail if they had been straight. I’m not defending them, I’m just saying.”

“I’m a cop and I can’t tell you how many times I have come up on people doing the nasty. If they are both willing, most times we just tell them to leave and get a room.”

“In many of the parks where sting operations take place to jail gay or DL men having sex, heterosexual couples are ignored. Same principle applies here. This may not have been a sting, but it is still a double standard.”

“Who gave them permission to have sex in a library? Either a lot of nerve or a lack of brains and respect for other patrons. Yes, same for heterosexuals and gays, etc. Do it someplace appropriate.”

“I do not in any manner feel that it was ok what took place, but the punishment is out of line I believe. How many times has this police officer or security guard come up on a straight couple and allowed them to leave?”

“Come on and pick a better cause than this! They chose to act very inappropriately and that choice exposes them to consequences. It does not matter what would happen if someone else was doing the same thing. Really, there are limits.”

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