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Speaking Out: Readers not ‘GLAAD’ about newspaper award

Shameful to censor photo of famous gay dads with baby

Re: “Grocery store censors Elton John family pic” (Jan. 26)

“It’s Arkansas. That would be your first clue: the state where the family tree resembles a stump.”

“I sort of feel for the store in a case like this. They are caught in the middle of trying to make two groups who don’t really like each other happy. It’s the ultimate customer service nightmare. Still, that said, I don’t like censorship and this smacks of it.”

“A nice family picture covered up as if it were porn — what a damn shame!”

Not ‘GLAAD’ about gay award nod for Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Re: “GLAAD responds to AJC media awards criticism” (Jan. 21)

Editor’s note: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has been nominated by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation for a media award for newspaper coverage of LGBT issues.

“It’s just my opinion but I think of the Bishop Eddie Long scandal as a molester scandal not a gay anything and shouldn’t count towards the AJC’s coverage of things gay. (And how is covering that positive for us?)”

“Awards should go to media for going above and beyond what they should be doing — not what should be the norm. Sorry GLAAD: The AJC is not worthy of this award until it steps up and makes a concerted effort to cover Georgia’s LGBT community consistently and proves that it is not biased against our community.”

“If the AJC deserves a GLAAD award among metropolitan print media in this country, then we as a community are in much worse shape than I imagined.”