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Speaking Out: Readers react to Bishop Eddie Long accusations

Chambliss responsible for staff’s slur?
Re: “Sen. Saxby Chambliss investigating ‘All Faggots Must Die’ blog comment” (www.thegavoice.com, Sept. 21)

“For all we know it was some jackass in the parking lot using their unsecured WiFi network. Before everyone crucifies Chambliss (even though it’s fun to do), let the investigation run its course and find out where the post really came from.”

“Chambliss has already admitted the comment was posted on a computer from his office. Since Chambliss is anti-gay and has fought to block gay rights at every turn, this kind of behavior is not unexpected. When you promote homophobia and bigotry to your staff, this is what happens. When the GOP gets out of everyone’s personal lives and bedrooms, then we’ll calm down.”

“Senator Chambliss’ anti-LGBT record is what is being called into question here. His willingness to denigrate and relegate LGBT Georgians to second class citizenship with no protection and no recognition under the law perpetuates an environment where a member of his own senatorial staff felt OK sending a death threat following the vote on DADT.”

Eddie Long: Self-hating or simply a hypocrite?
Re: Ongoing conversations at facebook.com/thegavoice

“Sicko. This is the result of shame and closeted behavior, and the best argument for people to be who they are before their guilt and shame and self-hatred cause further harm to them and others.”

“I feel that he has taken advantage of our community by using his experience in the gay lifestyle to gain money, fame and notoriety from his followers. His wife is just as much victim as the LGBT community, and his members. Who would know better what to say to an anti-gay congregation than someone in the life? And then make money off of your self-denial, and even when outed you can’t stand up for who you really are and know you can still have your religion.”

“He’ll probably do his best to twist the perspective to one of how he was actually loving these guys, and somehow that made it okay, in his mind, but do not expect him to publicly acknowledge what he did wrong in the midst of a suit.”

“Trouble is, the whole part of him being older and in a position of power: At the very least, his behavior and interactions were unethical and blatantly hypocritical.”

“If it had not happened those young men making the accusations would not have placed their own reputations and futures on the line.”

“What we have is a modern day leader of a cult exposed for his hypocrisy. I don’t exactly feel bad for the 25,000 followers of this cult leader if they choose to be so blind.”

“He is a human being, imperfect, and whether he actually did the things that are being alleged remains to be seen. He really shouldn’t have been so hardcore in his views on gays, especially since it obviously would leave him open to scrutiny.”

“I also find it interesting he portrays himself as David against Goliath, since he is the big bad all-powerful pastor, who seems to have more money then God and an army of attorneys.”

‘Modern Family’ ready for gay smooch?
Re: ‘Modern Family’ premiere (Discussion at facebook.com/thegavoice, Sept. 23)

“Why is it so hard for that show to have Cam & Mitchell kiss? Kevin & Scotty do all the time on “Brothers & Sisters.””

“They’ve been building up to dealing with the “camera awareness” of the couple- that they won’t show physical affection in front of the cameras because one (I’m guessing not Cam) isn’t comfortable kissing on film. I have no idea why this has become such an oddly hot topic for people. Have you been around married couples with small children? Not a lot of hot action happenin’ there.”