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Speaking Out: Readers react to ‘black gay love on a train’

Praise for young couple’s ‘revolutionary act’
Re: “Young black gay love on a train” (blog by Dyana Bagby, thegavoice.com, Aug. 24)

It takes a lot of courage for gay PDA. They’re braver than I am.

This doesn’t look like “down low” to me. This is in-your-face!

It is really hard to believe that this photograph can cause so much hatred. Two people in love in my book equals a really good thing.

There is something seriously wrong when a simple picture of peace can cause such outrage and controversy.

We need to see more photos of black men showing affection toward each other in a casual way. We are human beings that can feel emotion, cry and love. We already have the image of being tough; now let’s swing the pendulum to the other side until it reaches its balance point.

This photo is so beautiful, it brings tears. How I wish I had such a picture of me and my partner of 17 years on one of our many rides together. Oh, we got stares, but no hassles. But this photo reminds me how comfortable we were together.

I love this picture. With so many black males doing their best to go to prison, black gay love like this should be celebrated and not vilified.

I’m sick of straight black people blaming gay men in particular for the promiscuity-induced infection rates and out of wedlock or abandoned children in straight black lives. These two young men are the least likely, if at all, to shoot you or your children in the street. Or mug your grandmother on check day. Instead of the image of a young black man being arrested, an image of two men in an affectionate and caring embrace sets off the anger?!

If only men showed this kind of gentleness to each other. If only children were subjected to this, instead of violence in the media and their own lives. A brother waving a gun in videos? No prob. Kissing another brother, or holding him sweetly like this? Oh, clutch the pearls! Get some perspective people! This is so harmless and sweet. The next “Grand Theft Auto” game isn’t.

Poet and activist Essex Hemphill, R.I.P., stated over 20 years ago that two black men loving each other is a revolutionary act. Obviously, the controversy of this recent photo validates that point even more today. Anyway, I’d rather see this display of affection than the typical advertisement for drugs, alcohol, DL/thuggish behavior or sex.

Don’t be fooled by big-name conservatives on gay rights
Re: “High-profile conservatives coming around on gay rights?” (Blog by Ryan Watkins, thegavoice.com, Aug. 20)

Don’t be fooled. They aren’t doing this for gays. They are doing it for themselves. Conservatives in Washington will be in support of it soon because they did the math.

Some of the brighter ones have read the handwriting on the wall, and will put up with us to ensure their own sordid futures.

As Mama used to say, “Some people have such an open mind that their brains fall out.” I, for one, will not be open-minded about these politicians. They’ll get elected then immediately pass a nationwide Prop 8. Be careful.