“That’d be like doing a John Wayne war movie with emphasis on the Quartermaster Corps; very necessary and essential to supplying the troops but pretty damned boring.”

Bedlam ‘Derelicte’ party: Offensive or too sensitive?

Re: “‘Zoolander’-themed party encouraging ‘crack whore’ costumes comes under debate” (March 10)

“The thing is, if you’re offended, don’t go. It’s a movie theme party. Homeless people don’t seem to be up in arms. Rednecks didn’t protest their redneck party. The fact is, if you’re looking to be offended you will never be disappointed.”

“Do any of the offended people hang out at bars with homeless people or crack whores? I just imagine some sad person retorting, “But I have a homeless friend!” It’s just a party, damn it.”

“La la la la la… I can’t hear you over my privilege!”

Memo to Macon bar owner: Gays make good customers

Re: “Customers at Macon, Ga., club say were turned away because they are gay” (March 6)

“Hope the bar doesn’t thrive. If you were smart you would know that most gays like to have fun, spend money and keep things peaceful. Those sound like assets to me.”

“And the “straight” club’s owners are the gay owners of the former club. Can you say “sellout”?”

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