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Beyond boycott: Christians, gays and Chick-fil-A

Re: “The personal is political for this gay boy and Chick-fil-A” (Blog by Bo Shell, Feb. 24)

"My sentiments exactly. I contracted with CFA corporate for some time, and never had an issue though I’m sure they read between the lines. The company put my sister through a private (secular) college for less than it cost me to go to Georgia Southern. They have principles that not everyone may agree with, but the actions of one operator and support of a straight marriage counseling event don’t make a company evil. (How many gay-only couples counselors are listed in this publication alone?!) Being Christian is not necessarily anti-gay, though I would not count on them to put a float in the Pride parade any time soon, but then, neither will McDonalds, BK or Wendy’s. As for the boycott? No skin off my back. I’m vegetarian."

Speaking Out: Readers react to DOMA decision and more…

“Living and breathing in the modern world is complicated. I generally don’t go to Chick-fil-A, but about once every two years I have a very guilt-ridden chicken sandwich.”

“I never will boycott or picket Chick-fil-A. Over the past several years I have learned in my own heart that because I believe and love God and his ways is what decides my Christianity. Because I happen to like men is what makes me a homosexual, and the two can argue it out as my life passes perhaps. But ultimately it’s the greatest gift that I’ve ever achieved.”

“I am a Christian and [not a gay] hater but definitely not friendly to all gays (though I do have gay friends). I found your insights uplifting and inspirational, especially the line about “Chick-fil-A has the right to operate under a religious corporate purpose and you have the right to boycott them if you disagree with it.” I think you may have helped me get over my benign ignorant bullying of gays. Do you think that if this person had tried to talk to you about not being gay or a Bible study after being your friend they would have had more of a difference in your life, or would you have gotten upset and ignored her?”

(Bo Shell responds: There’s no amount of Bible study or witnessing that could have changed my sexual orientation. I believe I was born this way, and I’ve never had the desire to change.)

“This actually makes me feel quite warm and fuzzy inside, not only a great article but too is something uplifting. Thank you for sharing.”

Should we wait for marriage, or accept civil unions now?

Re: “Hawaii governor signs civil union law” (Feb. 24)

“Close, but no cigar. “You can have a birthday, you just can’t call it ‘birthday cake.’ OK?” No, I want marriage, so I can move to paradise and live near my in-laws.”

“Lots of people equate civil unions as being on the back of the bus, and I agree. But first let me on the bus and then we’ll haggle about seating arrangements. If we can get civil unions to mirror marriage, including Social Security rights and inheritance rights (both on the federal level), this will allow same sex couples a powerful tool for estate planning and elderly care. We need this now under any name that they call it.”

Gays may get more federal jobs, but we still don’t get benefits

Re: “Gay man joins White House staff as Social Secretary” (Feb. 25)

“Oh my lawd…. he is putting those homos all over that office!”

“Mr. Manners approves.”

“It’s too bad he still cannot get married and have his partner enjoy some of those government benefits.”