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Gay public sex gives bigots ammo to use against us

Re: “Lesbians having sex in Columbus State library are arrested” (April 8, 2011)

"A library is likely the emptiest place anyone could go to get it on short of a hotel room."

"Why is this the type of story that always comes out of Columbus? How many stories of LGBT interest will WRBL actually run that don’t reinforce negative stereotypes held by many in my conservative hometown?"

Speaking Out: Readers react to LGBT jobs bill

“They should have been arrested! There is a time and a place for everything! And, if they are going to have sex in a public venue then they are “outing” themselves, not the media.”

“I know we shouldn’t have to be held to a higher standard, but I wish people would think before they act. Why do I get the feeling this is going to be thrown around by some folks as “See? See! Gays are all a bunch of promiscuous freaks having sex in front of children in a library! This is why homosexuality should by should be illegal,” of course, in complete denial of the fact that heteros get caught doing this from time to time too. People don’t need to be giving bigots more ammo.”

“I’m disgusted that my hometown news channel has sunk to such low standards and stereotypical assumptions. Why is it that when straight people get caught it doesn’t make front page news? Heaven forbid two women have sex.”

LGBT job bill is good news, but sad that we even need it

Re: “Bill introduced to ban job bias against LGBT state employees in Ga.” (March 31)

“Do you think it has a snowball’s chance in hell of being passed in Georgia? I don’t. Not in this state and probably not in my lifetime.”

“Let’s keep trying, though.”

“I wonder why this has to be a bill and made law — oh, yeah, intolerant jack-wagons can’t get their heads out of the Stone Age. Wake up, employers: If they are qualified, hire them.”

“This is awesome! Congratulations to Rep. Drenner and all the co-sponsors for moving this legislation. On a side note… Do we really need to continue to note Rep. Drenner’s status as “Georgia’s first openly gay state lawmaker and one of two lesbians currently serving”? Hasn’t our “acceptance strategy” moved us past all that?”

If gays join GA boycott over immigration, who gets hurt?

Re: “Gay organization joins in call for national boycott of Georgia” (April 7)

“An LGBT boycott of Georgia will only hurt the LGBT businesses and events in Georgia and Atlanta. The idiots who support this bill don’t represent Atlanta, and were elected by the rural redneck parts of the state that most LGBT Georgians avoid too.”