A long election night for LGBT voters and allies in Ga.
Re: Discussions of election results (facebook.com/thegavoice, Nov. 2-3)

“We must not be surprised that Deal won. The homophobia endemic in Georgia’s conservative “Christian” churches and its rural areas will continue. At best, all we can do is continue to make Atlanta a small island of “blue” tolerance adrift in a sea incarnadine of “red” bigotry.”

“Sadly, with all due respect to the former governor, Barnes is an absolutely horrible campaigner. I like the man personally, and I wanted him to win (mostly), but this is a repeat of the campaign against Perdue: lackluster, without fire in his belly, and no stomach for serious engagement. Plus, Barnes never fought as dirty as he needed to in order to win. Wimp.”

“I’m a bit shocked that Dems didn’t take at least one major statewide office. It swung entirely red. I am surprised that voters struck down the ability to amortize transportation contracts out over the life of their construction. That just set us back another eight years.”

“The GOP taking the U.S. House has nothing to do with the failure of the Obama administration for not standing up to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The Democrats have been apathetic on the issue as long as the GOP has.”

“It’s not like the near super majority Democrats got anything accomplished other than the bloated health care bill that will end up getting rewritten before most of it is due to take effect.”

“Now Obama can “support” us without any fear of having to follow through and tomorrow morning the HRC will tell us they need millions more to continue this “difficult” battle that they just know they can win eventually, given enough financial support.”

“I’m not sure which is worse. Deal as the new governor or Sonny moving back here to Houston County. I don’t want to run into him at the grocery store.”

On Spirit Day, readers tell how ‘it got better’ for them
Re: “What is one way your life is better now”? (Discussion at facebook.com/thegavoice, Oct. 20)

“Being a part of the community. I have been “out” for many, many years and am proud of how God created me!”

“With a little age comes confidence. The older I get, the firmer I am planted on earth. No one has the power to move me without my consent. I am much more emotionally powerful now than ever before.”

“Great friends that I consider family! Never having to lie about who I am! I’m no longer scared!”

“Knowing that I never have to be fearful of someone finding out my “secret” again. As soon as I felt safe, I started telling the friends who I knew would understand the words, “I am gay.” I have been out to everyone that I know for over 20 years, and my life is so much better knowing I never have to lie again.”

“I have the best two beloved children in the entire world, and the best husband in the entire world, and the best family in the entire world. Thank God I turned out to be gay, because then I would not have my beautiful family and my three soul mates who I love forever.”

“I am living with a wonderful person, whom I enjoy spending time with & enjoy showing exactly how much I love in front of any and all people.”

“A good question to ask of everyone is what are you going to do tomorrow when you put your purple away? We need a commitment from the community to work toward ending the bullying and preventing the suicides. We need a full time commitment to supporting our LGBT youth every day, not just one day wearing purple.”

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