Was Elton John wrong to sing at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding?
Re: Discussion at facebook.com/thegavoice (June 6)

Since slavery has been abolished I wouldn’t accept a job offer from a bigot. I am guessing that Elton has different values and no self-respect.

I always try to give Elton the benefit of a doubt considering the millions of dollars he has raised for people with AIDS. Sometimes he puts that benefit to the test. And, no, I don’t know how Elton feels about what I did to earn my salary today.

Good thing we respect the values of marriage and didn’t let those nasty gay people ruin it. Some people can’t even get there first and he’s starting number four.

To all you rock-throwers: nice job of embodying the prissy, knee-jerk stereotype of liberal mind. For a million bucks I’d put on a dress and dance the Charleston at Glenn Beck’s next wedding. Then I’d put the money toward a purpose that would make blood run out of his eyeballs.

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