The real problem with the Roman Catholic Church is...

Speaking out: Your comments on the Catholic sex-scandal

Re: “Catholic leader says church has ‘homosexual problem’” (, March 31)

  • If the church really had a “homosexual problem” the vestments would be more stylish and updated.
  • The church has a pedophilia problem, not a “gay” problem. The church also has a raping and impregnating problem – just ask the women of Alaska.
  • I think gays have a Catholic problem. Why are any of us still there, giving money and time to a group that hates us? Leave, people.
  • The church says that homosexuality is not a sin but that homosexual acts are a sin. It also teaches that sexual intercourse outside the bonds of a church marriage between a man and a woman is a sin, and that sex inside a marriage is only for procreation. Unfortunately all three of these positions are totally anti-human.
  • The Vatican had better realize that what it has is a “crisis of faith” problem that could self destruct the better part of their organization if they don’t stop trying to pass blame and find some way to acknowledge and honestly confront their biggest threat since Constantine made them the state religion of the Roman Empire. How many Temples of Apollo are there these days? Nothing is guaranteed to last forever.